Agar-Agar 'Airplane' Single

Debut Single ‘Airplane’
Out Now!

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… I hear that you and your band have sold your guitars and bought turntables. I hear that you and your band have sold your turntables and bought guitars… 

LCD Soundsystem – “Losing My Edge”

Why Agar-Agar?

Mainly because ‘Pig In Pain’ was already taken but also for other (less relevant) reasons. Is it cool enough? Who knows, but, for some reason, this name feels like the only right one he should be carrying!


Who is Agar-Agar?

“Agar-Agar” is a Belgian electro-analog solo act. His sound is mostly shaped by everyday life’s constraints such as eternal recording and rehearsal studio vagabondage, dealing with hard-to-deal-with drummers and a very pronounced gear acquisition syndrome. Driven by a thirst to create despite these limitations, Agar-Agar is usually relaying on his trusty old (and not so old) machines and instruments to produce something ‘not so electronic’ as some might think when presented with this kind of line-up. Not an easy shift! It took him years to gradually abandon the ‘power-trio’ approach and become more and more independent and self-sufficient. So truly: what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


What does it sound like?

… like funky drum machines used by LCD Soundsystem

… like filthy synths played by MGMT

… like cowbells hit by The Rapture

… like slightly overdriven guitars stroked by The Strokes

… like no one else in spite of it all


  • “Brilliant video about circuit bending… That’s what I call a rebirth!”

    @iamagar – 09/04/2014

  • “RT @AZ33MKHAN: Haha @ChineEzeks I found this on @reddit today. I couldn’t stop laughing. #Nigeria”

    @iamagar – 07/04/2014

  • “RT @quodran: The only question the #swleuven jury should ask is: can you chat with your app? Go @leoexter ;-)”

    @iamagar – 06/04/2014

  • “@jeroentbt @quodran Groovy!”

    @iamagar – 04/04/2014

  • “RT @quodran: With @iamagar registered to @SWLeuven I guess we might be working on a #music related #startup ;-) Can’t wait!”

    @iamagar – 28/03/2014

  • “”

    @iamagar – 21/03/2014

  • “Getting ready to create some music…”

    @iamagar – 19/03/2014

  • “”

    @iamagar – 16/03/2014

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